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Wheel Repair: Restoring Your Wheels to Their Former Glory

Kevin V


Your vehicle’s wheels not only play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and safe ride but also contribute significantly to its overall appearance. Unfortunately, wheels are often subjected to various types of damage, such as curb rash, road debris, or even driving on a flat tire. At New Again Auto Repair, we understand the frustration of seeing your wheels marred by these issues. That’s why we offer professional wheel repair services to restore your wheels to their former glory.

Curb Rash, Road Debris, and More:

One of the most common types of wheel damage is curb rash. It occurs when the wheel rubs against a curb while parking, leaving unsightly scratches and scrapes on the wheel’s surface. Additionally, road debris, such as rocks or debris kicked up by other vehicles, can also cause damage to your wheels. Even driving on a flat tire can lead to wheel damage, as the lack of proper air pressure can cause the wheel to bear excessive weight and sustain structural damage.

Our Comprehensive Wheel Repair Services:

At New Again Auto Repair, we pride ourselves on our ability to repair almost any type of wheel damage. Whether it’s curb damage, bends, cracks, chips, scrapes, scuffs, or pothole damage, our experienced technicians are equipped with the expertise and tools to tackle these issues effectively. We understand the importance of maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetics of your wheels, and we employ meticulous repair techniques to ensure a seamless restoration.

The Repair Process:

When you bring your damaged wheels to New Again Auto Repair, our team will carefully assess the extent of the damage. We will then proceed with the necessary repairs, starting with the straightening of any bends or dents. Cracks and chips are meticulously filled and reinforced, ensuring the wheel’s strength is fully restored. Once the repairs are complete, we prime and paint the wheels according to their original color or any custom specifications you may have. Our goal is to make your wheels look as good as new!

Schedule Your Appointment Today:

If your wheels have fallen victim to curb rash, road debris, or any other type of damage, don’t let their appearance deteriorate any further. Visit New Again Auto Repair, conveniently located at 9200 Talbot Avenue, Unit A, Silver Spring, MD 20910, US, and let our expert technicians restore them to their former glory. You can also schedule an appointment by calling us at (301) 588-5292.


Don’t let damaged wheels diminish the overall appeal of your vehicle. At New Again Auto Repair, we specialize in wheel repair, offering comprehensive solutions for a wide range of damage types. Our experienced technicians will restore your wheels’ structural integrity and ensure they look as good as new. Schedule your appointment with us today and let us bring your wheels back to life!