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Understanding the Repair Process


The first step at New Again Auto Repair starts with an inspection by an estimator, the results of the assessment are documented, pictures of the entire vehicle including the inside are taken, a preliminary estimate is written based on visible damage only, often times additional damage is uncovered after disassembling the vehicle. The estimate is computer generated itemizing all the parts, labor and material costs.

Upon Insurance or costumer agreeing to disassemble the vehicle, all damages found are accurately documented in order to determine the right course of action on each and every repair. Only after Insurance company and or costumer authorizes the repairs, all parts are ordered as required for the repair. If vehicle is drivable no teardown is necessary, repairs can be scheduled at a later date once all parts for the repairs are received and work can begin.


Make sure your vehicle is serviced at the intervals specified in your owner’s manual or warranty booklet and keep clear records of your vehicle’s maintenance. Be sure to include the date, parts installed, vehicle identification number, and mileage recorded on the invoice. Keep your receipts in a safe place. If you have a service log in your owner’s manual or warranty booklet, we highly recommend that you use it.


At this stage, the shop performs repairs to the vehicle’s structure using a measuring system to restore it back to factory specifications. This insures that the frame is straight and structurally sound. Suspension repairs will be done in conjunction with structural repairs if possible.

Once the vehicle is structurally and mechanically sound, body repairs can now begin. This process requires special tools and a trained technician to properly repair the body panel damages and parts replacement as well.

During this stage, the vehicle is carefully prepped to insure all areas to be painted have the proper adhesion and smooth finish, parts are sanded then primer is applied followed by color or base coat and finally a coating of clear coat is applied to protect the finish. The vehicle then is baked in a in a computer controlled spray booth to ensure a proper cure time.


When a vehicle is repaired, many areas get disturbed during the collision repair process, restoring the corrosion protection is a key factor at this stage. Cavity wax, Foam fillers and undercoating are applied to achieve a quality repair.


Your vehicle is ready now to be reassembled. Any electrical wiring, hoses, airbag modules, or other componentes that were disconnected to facilitate repairs, are now connected and restored to their original location. If any “MIL” Malfunction Indicators Light is present, it will be reset at this time.

A thorough quality control inspection is performed to insure all components function properly, followed by a road test to make sure vehicle drives properly.

Once everything has been carefully inspected and passed the quality control inspection, your vehicle is ready for a wash and a thorough interior cleaning bringing your vehicle to its former glory.


At this point, a representative from New Again will explain all the repairs that were done to your car and go over the entire estimate with you, it should include an itemized list of all repairs made and parts used to complete the work on your vehicle.