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5 Car Myths Debunked

Kevin V


We want to debunk five myths that drivers may have heard when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. These myths have existed for years but with newer technologies, these theories have been proven false! Take a look at the most important ones that you need to know!


1. Manual Transmissions Offer Better Fuel Economy Than Automatics

This used to be true when automatics first came on the market. However, the recent advancements in the automotive industry such as continuously variable transmission, eliminates the advantages of manuals. In fact, it puts automatics ahead!


2. Turning On The Air Conditioner is Better For Fuel Economy Than Opening The Windows

No need to feel uncomfortable this summer. The amount that the air conditioner affects your fuel economy is extremely little compared to opening the windows. We suggest drivers leave the A/C on anyway to keep you comfortable and alert!


3. Premium Fuel Makes Your Non-Premium Car Run Better

If your car requires regular fuel, there is absolutely no benefit from using high octane gasoline (premium). Premium gas is needed for powerful engines because it is less combustible. This doesn’t indicate that the fuel is purer or cleaner than regular unleaded. So don’t waste your money on expensive gas!


4. Off-Brand Gas Will Hurt Your Car

Using generic gas won’t harm your engine in any way. Don’t avoid any off-brand gas stations. Places like Mobil and Shell may put extra engine-cleaning additives in their gasoline may be the only difference between name-brand and no-name brand gas stations. Otherwise, they are the same.


5. Filling Your Tank in The Morning Will Save You Money

When temperatures are cool, gasoline is dense, so you get more fuel per gallon pumped. However, Consumer Reports explains that gasoline is stored in underground tanks where temperature hardly fluctuates. The gas coming out of the nozzle is basically the same density, no matter where or when you decide to fuel up.