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16 Useful Driving Hacks for Better at Driving

Kevin V

16 Useful Driving Hacks for Better at Driving

If there is any magic to being a better driver, it’s practice. As you’re steadily enhancing your driving skills through constant practice, there are several driving tips that will make the whole experience safer for you. Also, one of the simplest ways to enhance your experience behind the wheel is to use driving hacks to make things more convenient when you’re inside your car, and they don’t have to cost anything.

So, take a look at sixteen of these driving hacks from experienced drivers and apply them to make yourself better at driving.

1. To maintain your handbrake

For maintaining your handbrake you can use this useful car trick. Many drivers don’t like using handbrake, and that’s usually what makes it lose its substance. Don’t wait for a time when you must use handbrake, use it regularly so that when that day comes, it will function as it should.

2. To prevent freezing16 Useful Driving Hacks for Better at Driving

It can be so annoying when your car door freezes due to freezing weather, but there is a car hack to avoid the issue. Just walk into your kitchen and take the cooking spray, then use it on the parts of your car that are made of rubber. The cooking oil will prevent any freezing of your car.

3. To prevent accidentsSixteen Useful Driving Hacks for Better at Driving

This is a very important driving technique from a skilled driver to avoid an accident. When you’re on the road, what your fellow driver is doing is very much your concern, so if you notice a driver in the lane next to yours slowing down, imitate him. They usually do this to allow a person or an animal pass; you don’t want to (be the one too) hit them.

4. To prevent drowsinessDriving Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

It is always best to stay at home when you’re tired, but take lemon with you anytime you have to drive, no matter the distance. You can use this useful car hack to help you to prevent drowsiness. Just cut it to have the shape of a wedge and put it on your tongue as you drive.

5. To maintain your air conditioner16 Driving Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

This car maintenance hack will give your car air conditioner system longer lifetime. Turn it on whenever you’re driving. Don’t only use it when the weather is hot, yes that’s what it’s meant for but if you only use it once in a while, the coolant will seep out, and you’ll have dry tubes. So turn the air conditioner on, even in winter. Just do it for a short while and turn it off again.

6. To determine if car oil is clean or dirtySixteen Driving Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

You can use this car cleaning hacks to determine if your car oil is clean or dirty. Warm-up your car for 5 minutes, cut the ignition, and then open the hood and take a few drops of oil. These drops will serve as a sample.

Now, get a plain sheet of paper and drop the oil on it, after two hours, come back and check the paper. If you notice that the oil has become dark at the center, your oil is dirty, but if the edges are smooth, your oil is clean.

7. Prevent blind spotsCar Hacks That Will Make Driving So Much Better

You know what they are, blind spots — parts of the road you can’t see, usually because your car body seems to be blocking it. To eliminate blind spots and increase your visibility follow below defensive driving tricks from a skilled driving instructor:

  • Adjusting mirrors so that the rear window is framed.
  • Sit in your vehicle and place your head against the window, adjust the left side mirror so that only a part of the vehicles left side is visible.
  • Lean-to the center of your vehicle, right above the center console, and adjust the right side mirror so that only a part of the vehicles right side is visible.
  • Briefly turn your head to check for cars in adjacent lanes.
  • Watch for cars as they approach.
8. To prevent fog16 Car Hacks That Will Make Driving So Much Better

This driving hack is very useful in winter. Fogs can make you practically blind when driving, and we cannot overemphasize the danger it could bring you and your passengers.

But you can prevent this by following the simple driving tip which is the use of potato. Just get an uncooked potato and cut into two, then use it to rub your windscreen and windows. Apply it generously and leave it to dry.

9. To keep yourself warm during winterSixteen Car Hacks That Will Make Driving So Much Better

If you must travel at this really cold season, one way to keep yourself safe is to pack emergency winter clothes; you may need them at any time in the journey. In case, you forgot to take emergency winter clothes then use whatever is available to protect your body from the cold. This could include floor mats, newspapers or paper maps.

10. To have a better cup holdermuffin cups

Almost all modern cars come with a cup-holder, which can be a perfect way to refresh yourself. But sometimes it doesn’t keep the cup steady, so what do you do about it? Well, you can use one simple driving hack to solve this issue. Just fix a silicone cupcake holder inside the car cup-holder. This will surely keep your cup firm and prevent spills.

11. To enhance your car during winter16 Easy Driving Tips and Tricks Every Driver Should Know

There is no doubt on the importance of winter tires if you need to drive on snow. This is not only a driving hack but it is necessary to add winter tires to your vehicle; it will save your life out there in the snow. This is a major way to adjust your vehicle to cold weather.

12. To prevent car sicknessSixteen Easy Driving Tips and Tricks Every Driver Should Know

We all have that one person who always gets sick during a long journey, and after an experience with such a person, we can all agree it is best to leave them at home. But if the journey has to be made, the best way to prevent the sickness is to offer them a bay leaf. When they bite on it, it will help calm their nerves and help them relax. This little known driving hack will make your and friend journey more comfortable.

13. To reduce the effects of overheatingEasy Driving Tips and Tricks Every Driver Should Know

If you have to park your car under the scorching summer sun, there is no doubt that you’ll be walking into an oven if you spend a long time away. To lessen the effect, you can use this driving hack.

For that, you need to turn the steering wheel to 180 degrees before you go. This won’t cool your car but will ensure that the part your hands touch while driving will stay cool.

14. To keep your car interior cleanshower organizer in car trunk

For that just take a shower organizer with you, especially if you’re taking a lot of passengers. With this tool, you will be able to keep your car interior tidy. It is also an excellent way to take anything you need in the car quickly.

15. Protect your ignition system16 useful driving hack

Whenever you drive through a puddle, no matter the size, always make sure you dry your brakes afterward. Don’t start driving at a faster is speed — which is the usual temptation. Just dry your brakes by pressing the gas pedal and press the brake pedal a few times. The friction from this act will cause the water taken from the puddle to evaporate.

16. To spot danger on the roadgood driving techniques

Our last driving hack is always taking note of taller vehicles and monitor when they change lanes at the same time. They usually see farther than regular cars, so if there is trouble ahead, they would be the first to see it, and it will reflect in their movement.

While this doesn’t always mean an accident or a robbery is going on, it is a good way to spot when bad things are happening ahead of you. Imitate them whenever they change lanes together.

We hope that the sixteen driving hacks from experienced drivers listed above were able to give you valuable insights. Keep these things in mind, and you will be more self-confident and relaxed the next time you hit the road. We wish you safe driving. Additionally,